BizKit UK is not an SEO agency or even a content agency. We offer small businesses and start-ups affordable content without costly retains and lengthy contracts. 😘

And we like to think we are a little different. Maybe we are the ‘anti-agency’… er.. agency? 🤔.

Of course, you can buy most of the services that I offer from other people – mostly agencies, who charge a retainer, upsell you on google ads, and put you in a turnkey system to build up recurring revenue to offset the inevitable churn, caused by putting customers in a turnkey system. Yes, this is the agency model that most follow. 🤯

So what makes BizKit UK different?

Yep, you guessed it, no retainer, no turnkey system, just a unique tailored consultative approach to boost your start-up or small business.

In my experience, most small businesses end up doing the same thing when it comes to SEO and Marketing. It is not necessarily the best thing for your business, it is just what the providers want you to do, because it makes their life easier. I am not saying all SEO and content agencies are bad, just there is a model that most agencies follow. And this approach may be right for you, you may be perfectly happy, and you may be successful. But most startups and small businesses don’t know there is a choice.

What you get?

You get to choose what you want to spend on content, the length of content you would like, and how often you want it, so you are always in control of the cost. Before launching BizKits, we really thought about what the issues were with the way everyone else does it, what we could offer that was different, and how we could make it work for smaller businesses.

You can read all about what is a BizKit here.

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