BizKit UK is not an SEO Agency, or even a marketing Agency. BizKit is offering something different, and making it available in a different way.

Of course, you can buy most of the services that I offer, from other people – mostly agencies, who charge a retainer, upsell you on google ads, and put you in a turnkey system to build up recurring revenue to offset the inevitable churn, caused by putting customers in a turnkey system. Yes, this is the agency model that most follow.

So what makes BizKit UK different?

Yep you guessed it, no retainer, no turnkey system, just a simpler way to boost your start-up or small business. Buy the Kit you want in a size that is right for your business and off you go

What do you get?

You get access to me and my 20+ years of experience in Marketing. I am not claiming to be the best in the world, and I may not be the right fit for everyone (And if I am not, I will tell you) but when launching BizKits I really thought about what could I offer, how could I give value, that was different to what everyone else was offering.

Obviously, there is only one of me, so the most efficient way to do this at scale, is through training courses. I have built training into the BizKits. And there is a choice of how much is ‘do it yourself’ and what is ‘done for you’.

You can read all about what is a BizKit here.

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